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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Urban Cardio or the 'Roundabout Way to Chinatown

Zoe and I left the Earth Day celebration and headed for Chinatown. Walking is a given in the city, especially as we head up. We had lunch at Padilla's and the atmosphere was nice the food and service were less than optimal. Seems they had little investment in seasonings or were accustomed to serving customers with no taste buds.

Yes. Good Vibes! I peeked inside but passed on exploration since I know the product offerings. If you are curious, visit

We walked forever, uphill. Forever. Finally we reached a space between buildings and I could see water. What? There is no water in Chinatown. Zoe!!! Even in comfy shoes, my feet are starting to hurt.

See, there's the lighthouse. A beacon to lost ships. If I were at sea, there would be cause to celebrate, but up here in what was Nob Hill and then the Russian District, not even a tram has passed. Just parked cars, me and Zoe.

We are headed downhill. No better news than up as we have been walking for hours now and it takes a bit of control to prevent tumbling forward and being done with it.

Yep, that's the bay. Where are we? North Shore...

Full of my complaining banter, Zoe has ventured on. I must say, I am still rather relaxed compared to how I will fell hours from this point.

Finally, someplace I can call home, or at least rest, for a pint. But no, we move on.
We wandered through the Italian neighbors. Wonderful pastries displayed in the windows. Sweet sugary yeasty yummy scents luring shoppers from the busy streets.

Finally, we made it to Chinatown. There was still a long way to the shop I wanted to visit, but at least we were in the area.

And every thing is on sale. "Best prices." (Not.)

San Francisco is extremely pedestrian friendly. Walking is easy. By the time we made it home my phone battery had died and the step tracker stopped at 9982. That marked over 4.75 miles. We walked way farther than that. We began this morning with breakfast then headed to the Civic Center for the Earth Day celebration. We left with lots of samples and Kevita Probiotic Drink. Zoe and I both had Lemon Ginger.

I mentioned above we stopped for lunch at Padilla's, then began the walk again. By the time we reached Chinatown I was hungry again. But that's something I notice on every visit. This walk for hours and stop to eat, then walk some more process could be a financial pitfall. Fortunately, I am on vacation and personally enjoy stopping at various places for a bite. the nicest part is Zoe will also stop for a bite here and there so that instead of multiple meals, we are sharing single meals, twice. Once we had a bowl of soup at one restaurant, and later picked up and entree at another.

My love of the city is the sights, sounds, taste, and smells. That makes each journey outside the home, an adventure. There is always something interesting to attract and maintain you attention.
It's a wonderful life!
Live it!

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