Soul Massage

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Real Me

I'm behind on posting. Life!

I've been hanging out at a dating site, but find that perhaps honesty is less than the best policy. Still, I am me. We are blanketed in our first snow of the year. Of all mornings to sleep in (very late), I wake to high winds, white ground cover, and my dog pacing for me to hurry. Granted, it has been almost eleven hours, so I mosey along.

I've had my coffee, but still need hours to wake. At this moment, I have 30 minutes until I walk out into that wind and make the trek to work. I almost want to drive, but maintain my commitment to walking. I am capable.

Then there's Max. Trotting along behind my every step. Lying at my feet when I sit. Racing me back to the kitchen for tea. I realize, I am a cat person. If they let me post this video to my profile it would be even more honest. I'm guessing this has something to do with my lack of replies.

If the world doesn't end tomorrow, I'll check in later. If it does, may we each have fulfilled our dreams daily.

On the journey...


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Expensive is Relative

I am arrived in the city that calls my heart and holds my love - San Francisco. I love it! I am just back from a short, but very heavy shopping trip with a few essentials. I've really gotten into liqueurs, so picked up Triple Sec and Chambord. I have gifted Chambord - raspberry liqueur, but never tasted it. Pricey treat, but we will share it together.

Now that I type this, hmm. I was complaining about the cost of my Kettle Jalapeno Chips. Z says she doesn't want to hear it, that I quote the price of everything. That I do. Not because I'm cheap (I am thrifty), but because I am amazed at the increase. So, some things balance out. I paid more from the Triple Sec, but way less for the veggies. I wanted chocolate, but couldn't find anything I really liked. The poor choice I made in March is still on the counter. I ate one square and closed it back. Even desperate times won't make that palatable.

Back in there somewhere is a pomegranate. I used to buy them for Z when she was a child.  Yoga To The People, later. Dinner some place fun. I will cook while she is in class tomorrow. Golden Gate Park or Dolores Park, Rainbow Grocery, Jump'n Java, Oakland, Berkeley, and surely, and Ethiopian dinner with friends.

Back to the subject - living well is the fullness of experience. We each find what we enjoy and go for it. Every thing has a cost. If we are happy to pay and love what we get, it's worth it. Expense is debatable when it comes to living our joy.

Back in the city...