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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thank G!d for yarn and whiskey!

Sitting in the full moon light, I wander back through the last two weeks. In the new moon we draw our intentions. The full moon symbolizes the attainment of desires. This has been a rough row to hoe.

It seems one thing after another has drawn my attention from the promises I make to myself. The frigid weather caused the water pipes to freeze. Then they burst. I wake at 3:30 in the morning and fish the filling from my back molar out. I'm rolling down the street on a short errand and my car conks out. I get it towed to the dealer. It starts right up. They check it the next day, same thing.

No worries. No point. I got yarn, new patterns, and a new bottle of whiskey - two in fact.

I patched the hole that was spewing water, turned it on, filled the washer, then noticed the pressure was low. I turned off the faucets and could hear unseen water spraying. Oh goody! Start over.

New year. New Beginnings. Start over. Start over. Start over. Just like crochet. Sometimes I get into a pattern and find it just isn't what I expected. I unravel and begin again. By now, I am quite comfortable with the do-over. Sitting with a nip on the side helps too.


I remember this blog. Carry it in my heart. Post less.I spend more time with yarn and grands these days. Still working part-time, of course, drinking, and even made a journey to San Francisco and up north to my family of origin. I'll keep thinking. Hope you will keep reading.

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