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Friday, November 30, 2012

Slobbering in my Keyboard

No Excuses!

Wow! This month was intense. I worked more hours than I care to. I tended my grand-daughters on my off time, and I wrote, and wrote and wrote. I cried as much as I typed. It was an incredible experience in that issues came up that I honestly have never faced before. Years of therapy didn't open these doors, but sitting at my desk pounding through the lives of my characters brought me to the realization that I don't have all the answers and it doesn't matter. This is not apathy, but rather, non-attachment. Things happened. People did what they did. Why? Because it worked for them, or looked like it would. Do your own thing and move on.

I researched life in Post-WWII, queer life in the south, winter hunting. I have three paper thesauruses, a notebook full of suggestions, and two tarot decks. Besides inventing a story, I opened their lives and hearts to the world and mine along the way. We struggled. We cried. We survived. Life is good!

Today we baked pumpkin beet muffins. DA wanted candles and she sang "Happy Birthday" to me. This is especially nice as her usually litany is, "GG, buy me something. For my birthday." I did, in October. They will be back in the morning when the games begin again.

Big ole by the way...San Francisco here I come!

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