Soul Massage

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

I have arrived! 2013!

And you, are you fully in this moment?

I thought I was. Wrong! I have been struggling with how things once were and how they are so not what I planned and how I have shown up, put out, held on, sacrificed, ached, cried, and bled for ... You name it - the cause, whatever that means.

Even though I have been absent from my blog, I have stayed committed to thinking, studying, considering and a frenzy of mental and emotional activity. I am intellectually productive and emotionally exhausted.

No matter where I've been, how I've felt, or what I've done, all things have conspired to bring me to Now. Finally, I release my resistance and agree to be here.

I have a long list of recommendations I want to offer so that you too can let go of what is holding you back from the present moment and the pure goodness - the okayness - of now. My last eye opener was the TV series Life on Mars (US). It's about a man who has an accident in 2008 and wakes up in 1973 with his memories intact. Besides the distress with displacement and disorientation, he is haunted by the memories of what was. One day he accepts that the present isn't so bad.

This is not a new journey for me. By now I have made over a dozen major shifts in my life. Some have found me more discombobulated than others, yet as I type, we are all aware that things have worked out fine - in fact, things are great. The fog of illusion distorts reality.

(My mantra) I quit my job to travel, drink beer, and write. That was 11.11.11. Wow! I just noticed that. I left for San Fran that day. I have returned almost every six months since - job or not. I drink less beer, by choice. I enjoy vodka and triple sec these days. I write.

Today I am working part-time two or three days a week. I have time for my grand-daughters and their friends. I am still editing that novel. I'm reaching the end of the process on general principle.

I pick up extra funds through surveys. Today I found twenty more sites to consider. I posted my review of the sites that pay me. Today's post is spurred by my excitement to investigate more ways of earning a living at home.

In reality, I have enough. However, DA and I are flying back to San Fran this spring. And, we are going to take a boat ride down the Mississippi, the Amtrak across the state, a day trip to the City Museum, and more. We will garden, cook, glue, and ferment.

I am looking at ways to finance the adventures of life. As I sort it out, I'll let you know. If you already know, please share your knowledge and experience with us.

May you be in good health and prosper!