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Monday, February 17, 2014

Shopping Savvy!

This has been a busy year. Since everyone has a weather related story, I will skip that and merely share that I have a whole bunch too.

However, this year I am working at a job I love. I got a promotion, which I used to buy more yarn and whiskey. Last week I bought Ezra Brooks - Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. Light, smooth and delicious. I hope even my non-whiskey drinking friends will enjoy a taste.

Today's deal comes from iHerb. They have free shipping for $20 or more. I have been a long time customer, off and on. There are other sites I love as well, but free shipping is a hook for me. I keep a list of the things I need to replace when the funds arrive, then watch for bargains. While Lucky Vitamin has great prices as well, $5.95 shipping (though a flat fee) means a real price adjustment. In fact, I have been buying my chia seeds at the grocery for a dollar more per pound - no shipping.
That's my total cost today. It pays to shop around.

Here's a link to save up to $10 more if you are a first time customer -

That's a 3D butterfly I made for fun. Wrist warmers last night and a thread scarf I need to get at. I have decided that I will make my friend wrist warmers for her birthday.

One more bit...remember to check your receipts. I shopped at a big box store. In a hurry, I raced out and home. When I checked my receipt, I had paid more that the posted amounts on 7/10 items. I returned to the store for a $6.01 difference. What happens to people who buy dozens of items?

Time to winter sow...

Monday, February 10, 2014