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Shopping Savings

I save where I can so I can spend when I want.

I prefer brand name dish soap. I think it works better with less product and effort. I only buy my favorite product when it is on sale for less than one dollar. It happens often enough that I have not paid regular price in years. Initially, I diluted the soap with water - half and half. That works well, especially  if it gets to sit around. It thicken again. Today I pour the watered down dish soap into a squirt bottle. It uses way less and I apply the soap to my sponge rather than the water.

For hand soap, I use a foaming bottle. Back in the day, one of those home party companies offered foaming bottles long before they were popular on the shelves. I collected mine for the home of a friend, but for about a dollar you can find on on a shelf in the grocery and when it runs empty, add one ounce of soap to four of water. Amazing what we are willing to pay for and call a bargain.

In the laundry, I use an off brand detergent - free of scent and color. On a visit to the dermatologist, we were informed that the best cleaner was the least expensive "free" variety. We use white vinegar for presoak and final rinse if needed. Mostly, check the inside of that cup. There are lines that calculate the amount to use, rather than the pour and dump method. Detergents accumulate in fabrics causing them to be dull and lifeless. We could also do with washing clothes less. Spot clear as needed. Hang in the sunshine when they are unsoiled. Line dry at every opportunity. Today's fabrics are not designed to take repeated heat. If you really love it, make it last.

I shop at the local grocery in my community (meaning within a five minute drive or twenty minute walk). I have the saver card and receive coupons by mail for items I regularly buy along with downloads from the store website. When I shop, I combine sale items with coupons, even if that means freezing and saving. Remember, these are goods I use regularly. My new commitment is to shop with cash and to keep the expenditure at $20. Worked well today and we even added produce.