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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Resale Before Retail

Six years ago, I renewed my commitment to more conscious consumption.  I have gotten into the habit of shopping for entertainment. And because I was working overnights, found that I could occupy many hours buying crap I really didn't need, and sadly, didn't like once it arrived. When I decided to quit that job, I knew I have to curb my luxury spending. It was a nauseating experience. Buying the basics did not fill the same desires as shopping for "stuff." Not like I needed more "stuff". It was the shopping process.

Now six years later, I have more supplies for all the projects I could never have imagined back then. After a couple more shifts in my work situations I have scoped out how to get the best deals - way more value for the money I spend, in any category I desire.

 I picked up two bottles of Wen Cleansing Conditioner at Sal Army Store for $1.50 each. Having seen the commercials, I knew this was suppose to be the good stuff. Now, I gave up shampooing my hair more than ten years ago, so the concept of washing with a conditioner was easy. To top that, I read the directions. The portion to use is divided in half - first to wash, then the rest as a leave-in conditioner. Once home, I diluted two ounces of product to six ounces of water for my leave-in. I added a tablespoon to 12 ounces of water for my spray in.

I love the results of this product. My hair is soft and curly. Wen retails for over $32.

The Corning Saucemaker and the warmer were collected from the neighborhood thrift store. Collected a separate visits, I bought the one quart saucemaker for fifty cent and the warmer for $1. I couldn't leave it behind. It works great as a microwave rice cooker and most recently, I found I can cook red lentil curry in it on that warmer, which way beyond warms, apparently. It is Salton Jumbo Hot Spot - Sold as casserole set with dish for $47.  The Corning is listed as vintage and listed $13 to $40. Worth it to wander around and look locally.

I have enough yarn deals to post repeatedly, but this was a find from East Bay Center for Creative Reuse. I bought yarn. I love to buy yarn. I have plenty of yarn. Buying yarn is pleasure.  I longed for this yarn, but resisted paying retail. I found it on vacation in California for one-fourth the price of retail. I worked it up into this head/neck wrap and donated it to Flood the Streets with Art V in my community. It is a wool/acrylic blend, soft and beautiful. I hope the person that has it, loves it as much as enjoyed both finding and buying the yarn and knitting the project.

(Flood the Streets with Art is a project by Scott Wong to specifically battle the monster known as Black Friday.)

Before I shop at retails stores or online, I check my local resale shops for the items I want or need. I have bought a few duds, but I am so far ahead in savings that I let go of what didn't work. Personally, I do not recommend the reduced price in favor of cleaning it up. I bought a shelving unit around the corner, spent four plus hours washing and scrubbing. It still was not clean enough. Later I went to the store and bought a new unit for $4 more. I found a use for my less than stellar purchase and it works great.

Remember to let go of what no longer serves you, even the really cool stuff. That's how thrift stores have great deals to pass on.

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