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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I cannot tell a lie...

I am too busy to think most days. The baby (JP) is ten months old and crawls away faster than most people walk. She has learned to reach and pull and drag each an every precious item I have protected for years crashing down to the floor. That means when the girls come to visit, I am on my J O B! It is a constant challenge to engage both girls at the same time, or to settle one and play with the other. As they are both independent spirits, corralling is unappreciated.

I usually work on Wednesday and only shop for bread and yogurt. I was called off on both my commitments so I had time to search for the best bargains. I love to shop. LOVE IT!!! No matter how much I talk about living with less, I love to shop. So, I will talk about living with less money, rather than less stuff.

I bought the above pictured groceries for $36.00. Yes, there was a sale. That's how you get the best deals - shop the sales. Green Giant - buy four and pay $.99. I bought six.  Chex mix was part of that deal too. Tofu was on sale for $1.49/pound. That is an unbeatable price. We bake it and add to rice, salad, soup, or sandwiches. Eggs and cheese are staples. Oatmeal, as well. DA says she will eat pretzels with applesauce. It is hiding behind the tofu.

The point is to make the most of every dollar. Sort out what works for your household and invest the time in finding the bargain. I am blessed to have charge of my grand-daughters four or five days a week. They both eat enthusiastically. Thankfully, they enjoy a wide variety of foods.

On another note, I am quite pleased with Supplements and health foods inexpensive and free shipping and handling - with no minimum. I ordered Spectrum Chia Seeds and Chocolove (dark chocolate and ginger) both for $8.50. If you're paying retail for specialty supplies, you need a break. Here it is.

My last confessions are stuff. I have a scarf fetish. I have lots. I love them all. For a while, all I could think about was having more. Then I found an inexpensive way to both buy and share scarves with others - ebay! Affordable items, free shipping and the delay of waiting with the anticipation of arrival - a shopper's dream.

Finally, I found Battlestar Galactica Season 2.0 for $1.25 on Amazon. Wow!

Just so you know. I have watched BSG 2004 - 2009 three times. I re-read my books, some of them yearly. I watch reruns. I love the stories, the nuances, the lessons.

We (DA, JP, and I) mix a cup of Greek yogurt with an ounce of chia seeds and follow the Kratz Brothers into the wild or Commander Adama as he searches for earth.

I save where I can so I can splurge as I desire...

Where did you find your latest deal?

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