Soul Massage

Friday, April 3, 2015

Lenten Reflections 2015

These are the April flowers of my world. My tulips will all open within the next week then begin their fade. It is imperative that I stay in this moment if I have any hope of enjoyment or pleasure from their appearance. And I do.

Thankfully, there are directed moments in my life so that I rise early, leave the house, and make a slow traverse on return. I have built-in time to "smell the roses."

Over these last forty odd days, I have reviewed my obsessions, quirks and whims. They are many. Sometimes I was overwhelmed at just how out of sorts some areas of my life have become. Forget the pretense of having it all together. It is just shoved into piles as I kick a path through my day.

This year, for the Lenten Season, I committed to letting go of my indulgence around purchasing yarn and alcohol - liquor specifically. The issue was not doing without, but rather, delaying the purchase of more. For even as I can display the vast enoughness of plenty, I have a deep abiding urge to get more, more, more.

I faced and addressed my feelings as I completed a crochet project from my adequate yarn stash. What longing lies beneath the need for more yarn? Same issue as I poured a shot of whiskey. In my angst, I will delay drinking the last corner, waiting until the bottle can be replaced. I want more. The truth is, always has been, I have enough.

Owning the enoughness of life challenges the need for more. There was enough yarn to complete the project. I have enough whiskey for this drink. And the biggest unmentioned issue, I earn enough money to give, save, and pay my bills. What more can I ask for? While you may ask for more, I am happy, content, and joyful with enough.

All around my space, I have posted reminders to embrace enough. This Lenten Season honed my focus, not just on enough, but on the areas where I have obsessively gathered too much. Not only must I let go of grasping for more, but also release my grasp of what I have.

Spring urges the energy from the bulbs for leaves and flowers. Holding on means stagnation, rotting, and death. I am inspired by giving and letting go knowing that I am part of the reciprocity cycle. The more you give, the more is given to you.

Blessed be!