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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What's On My Mind

I've been writing. Lots. Because I am strongly opinionated and I want to put it out there. I joined a writing community that is suppose to offer some profit for the process, but that hasn't worked out for me. I have been there a year. However, while I am not making money for my topics, my followers are writing on the same subjects, after I post, and making a mint. I decided to skip posting there tonight.

I've been crocheting all year. I usually stop for the summer because the yarn is too hard to handle with sweaty fingers. This year, I was working in air conditioning through June and we had a mild summer. I've been completing hats in hopes of selling them this fall. (Check out All Acts of Love)

Oh, I quit my job - again. No belaboring the point. It sucked and I was done. We had a REALLY bad day and I was allowed to walk away. Thank you.

So, do what you love and the money will follow, right? I have the girls, now almost 7 years old. She reminds me daily that when fall comes it will be her birthday; and the two year old. There is no word for the destructive nature of this child. At any given moment she is either a monkey or a feline - cat or lion. You will find her climbing, reaching and jumping or crawling along the floor. I am busy...
Wrist warmers and mug hugger    

On my right hand is a new wrist warmer made from an earlier version. I have had great fun frogging past projects and starting anew. This is a lavender scented cotton yarn. It smells wonderful as you work it. I also have aloe vera. I had forgotten all about them. The baby pulled out the winter hats and gloves and I found them inside. Lots to give away as I had quite a new stock already. Plus we have so many purchased hats.

This hat is a rework of the elder girl's spring bonnet. It looks much better for fall anyway.

And just for fun, I went to visit my friend and she showed us videos of nail art. I forgot to take a photo of the girls' fingernails after they were done. We sponge painted them green over a base of pink. Cute. For me that is too much work and waste. Here are my nails courtesy of OPI Liquid Sand.
The nice thing about Liquid Sand is that if it chips, just spackle some more on.

Thanks for still reading and checking back. I plan to write more regularly as I sort out staying near home, going on vacation, writing a novel in November and turning 55. Woo-hoo!

Make today a great day!