Soul Massage

Can I Live Without...?

In the midst of paring down, letting go, detaching, and declutttering I am reassessing not only what I have to keep, but what am I will to live without. This is an entirely new process and brings with it some intense feelings. This will remain a page in process as I think and move and feel.

To start, I will go through the closet, again. This time with the title question. Even as I pen these words I am making excuses for why I MUST have X number of thingamabobs.  I will shake (physically) as I bag up the top shelf. These are my pretties...

As long as there is beer. And a bottle of wine. And a stash of scotch. And chocolate.

Another update 09.08.13 Some days I want a new phone and a new compact camera. However, I bought a new tablet - Hisense Sero Pro 7. I love it. This update is over a year since the last, so I have let go and moved on from so much. I had another tablet. It died. I found that my desire to replace it occupied much of my time and energy, so I did. If you are looking for a tablet, this one is worth the investment at $149. I bought the covers everything warranty for two years at $15.

I borrowed a compact camera from a friend. It isn't want I would buy, but when it works, it okay. I have a DSLR for special occasions or when there is plenty of space. I have an old (Android 4.2) borrowed, that works great and has Hot Spot, so I can connect my fancy new table to my 3G network.

My deepest desire is freedom and the health and well-being to enjoy it.

What's yours?