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Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Whore's Bath

Take a tip from the professional to save time and money. Wash the target areas: Pits and the other “P”. Unless you’ve been sweating up a storm or smell like who done it and why, is there any reason to run a full bath or shower?

Consider some other resource saving tips, different from the drink water, eat ramen noodles, live in deprivation plan.

Wait until there is a sink full of dishes to wash them. Doesn’t work if you only have one serving set, but great when you have service for four. I have a family. They visit. I have stuff for when they arrive.

Wash bras in the shower, while you are wearing it. Bras need to rest for at least 24 hours (if you want them to last). Wash on, remove, rinse and hang to dry. Dryers destroy the nylon/latex/spandex and elastic that make bras useful. Panties wash well by hand as well. In the old days we always washed our undies in the sink; first, to ensure cleanliness and second for privacy.

Damiana Liqueur
Have more wine, beer, or your favorite liquor/liqueur. Enjoy the first sip straight, and as appropriate add ice or seltzer to the remaining serving. Lately, I have purchased my lager in a large bottle (“40” though fewer ounces) and I pour the serving into a glass. I find I am equally satisfied with eight ounces. No harm is getting all the antioxidants from the bottle of red wine, unless you want some for tomorrow. Try 2:1 wine to seltzer or mineral water.

As that favorite lotion runs low add an ounce of cold pressed oil to extend usage (Olive, grapeseed, or avocado). Remember the skin is the largest organ of the human body. What we put on it is as important as what we put inside.

And back to the shower, shatter the illusion that a good wash means standing (or soaking) beneath mounds of suds and bubbles. Besides the increased time and water it takes to wash the product off, the skin is either prone to drying out by SLS (sodium laurel sulfates) and its friends, or left feeling silky by petroleum products and chemicals. Return to a simple castile soap in liquid or bar (Kirk’s Castile or Dr. Bronner’s and equivalents).

We have been seduced by marketing to believe bathing luxury equals excessive product use with the oohs, ahs, and oh yeahs of naked women. Men, too, are now targeted for foamy fancy. No more rugged outdoor types whistling and singing. And what ever happened to “squeaky clean?”

Once, the bathing regimen began with a bath or shower, followed by oil or lotion, then dusting powder for what moisture might arise in the Pertinent Parts. We have traded personally tending our bodies for mass marketing. That’s why a day at the spa seems so special. We willingly offer hundreds of dollars for someone to rub oil and lotions all over our bodies. (This does not discount the therapeutic benefits of massage.) Our bodies need daily anointment and this attention does more that offer soft skin. It increases our awareness of our health and well being. This personal dedication is long-term self investment.

Wash clothes only as needed. Hang worn items in fresh air. Spray with a fabric freshener. Spot clean soiled areas. Limit dryer time and hang to dry.

Men’s clothing is better made and last longer. Whether purchased new or used, consider the Men’s section for items that will meet your need – t-shirts, sweat pants, lounge wear. Study the women’s clothing before purchase for seam and fabric integrity, button attachment, and workmanship. Women’s clothing comes with extra buttons, thread, and sequins. If I wanted to sew my clothes, I could have started there. Women are expected to repair and replace clothing often; men, not so much.

Eat what’s in season. That’s where the sales are. Buy planning to eat again. Pumpkin, butter, apples, sugar, flour, and cheese will all taste good in three months. They were on sale for the holidays. The apples and pumpkins need to be prepared before storage, but the rest can go right into the freezer.

Eat what’s in the pantry, freezer or cupboard. The new and different is often on the back shelf. Reach out and touch it. Find a new way to prepare what ever you find. Make being creative the adventure. I really enjoyed my sauerkraut chocolate cake.

Shop someplace different. Buy something different. Legumes are low cost high nutrition, but are not limited to the beans sold in the local grocery. Check out ethnic stores for dried beans and lentils. Purchase a spice and experiment with bold new flavors. When I miss San Francisco, I cook a pot of chana masala. Just the smell lifts my heart and I easily find my self at Palwan at O’Farrell.

When in doubt, simply add more wine.
I am all about saving money. How else am I going to stay home reading, writing, and drinking beer, etc.? I could live on less, but what’s the point? My goal is to manage my resources that I can live the life I love. Deprivation is a different game. My pattern of shopping and saving allows me to enjoy my life today. I continue to meet my financial obligations (bills) and commitments (contributions and donations) while enjoying what are to me the finer things of life – Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, chia seeds, Café Bustelo with raw sugar and half and half, and of course, wine and beer.

Happiness is an internal, personal responsibility. Go get you some!

Elderberry flower liqueur - Yum!



  1. have u tried making wine? i bought a book that i have not yet opened

  2. I am interested in making lilac wine. I found a recipe, but the lilacs in my area were all cut down. I need almost four quarts of flowers. I will look around in the spring and send out the call.

    Presently, I am focused on making sauerkraut and yogurt. Both probiotics, but the sauerkraut will rest in a corner and grow... I am both excited and frightened. More wine, that will help.


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