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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Whey More to It

Whey is liquid serum remaining after milk has curdled as in cheese and more recently, the yogurt making process. It is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, protein and digestive bacteria. Whey is very popular in sports drinks and protein supplements. However, whey can be used inside and out of your body and home.
  • Drink straight or mixed with a fermented beverage, or hot tea. Add sugar and lemon juice for lemonade.
  • Replace water for soaking and cooking grains. Use in place of water or milk in baking recipes. Include in soaking legumes to increase digestibility. Freeze in ice cube trays to add to hot soups and smoothies.
  • Lacto-ferment almost anything – cabbage, beets, radishes, zucchini.
  • Use with fruits and chia seeds for smoothies.
  • Because whey is slightly acidic, it helps improve the health of your scalp works where your hair gets its nourishment. If hair needs only a light wash, use in place of shampoo. Deep condition by pouring whey through hair and allowing to dry. Rinse. Whey can also be used in place of gel or mousse.
  • Whey is all purpose cleanser-toner- moisturizer. Apply whey to cotton ball and use as daily.  Commercial products include whey as it is gentle and slightly anti-microbial.
  • Soak tea bags and apply to tired eyes for five to ten minutes. Feel refreshed.
  • There are claims that a whey bath aids lipid replenishment and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It can also be beneficial in the treatment of dry skin and fungal infections. Add one to two cups to bath water for a soothing detoxing effect.
  • Finally, whey can be used to water acid loving plants, in the garden, and in compost.

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