Soul Massage

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tis a Gift to be Simple

I live up there. Tucked right in the middle. Surrounded by trees all around my home. It feels safe, warm, loving and comfortable.

Every Sunday, I wake, dress and enjoy a cup of coffee on the front porch, watching the birds at the feeder, listening to their chirps and songs. There are other sounds that draw my attention - the announcer from the high school ball field, early morning traffic, the occasional neighbor mowing or gardening. However, most people are not up early on Sunday mornings, so it's me and the birds.

Today I accept the blessings of a simple life.

I have every thing I need. (As a disclaimer, I am a pack rat. I work diligently to release stuff - reduce, reuse, and recycle; and avoid accumulation of additional "stuff.")

I have pared down my requirements. I now find that it doesn't actually serve for me to tell you how I live or what I choose because in reality, we each have to decide what our bare minimum is. I love to eat the exact same foods every day for weeks on end. I also love gourmet chocolate, and liquor.

I know what my distraction are - I can feel the pull of my attention to have, be or do more. When we are aware, we can actively decide what is healthiest for our lives. Does this really make sense (is it aligned with my goals) to engage in that activity or process?

I am comfortable with my discomfort. Whether I am delaying a purchase or walking an extra mile, I recognize that there are moments in life that feel like a challenge. I step up.

I have a vision for my life, my presence here - in this time. Some days I want things to be different. When I remember my mission statement, I open to my full potential of now.

Mission Statement?

A Mission Statement is a clear, concise statement of purpose. It is the reason for existence. It includes what actions will be taken to achieve the purpose. It is the predetermined statement of what you do, and why.

Long before I had heard the word minimalism and addressed the concept of simplicity, I wrote a Mission Statement:

"I am dedicated to supporting others on their journey to health and well-being, through education, information, and inspiration, radiating loving acceptance in each and every situation."

So I have the knowledge and supplies to support my Mission Statement. (Meaning, lots of stuff.) Just so you know, everything is not on the internet. Some information is still in books. OR, if is it available, you have to pay for it. Paying once is enough. And what is more satisfying than to pull a book from the shelf and find the reference you seek. Googling is not the same.

Tucked in the trees in the middle of the city is a womin reading and listening, growing and feeding the next generation of wimmin who will cherish the simplicity of the fruit of the earth. Children who will know that food comes from vines, bushes, or from deep in the soil.

My world is lush and abundant with life. Simplicity frees my attention to embrace and enjoy it all.