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Shameless Plugs - I buy

Braggs Liquid Aminos

I add Braggs to brown rice, veggies, and even salad. I have seen it added to popcorn. just a few drops is all it takes to enhance the flavor of any dish.

Dr Bronner's Classic Liquid Soap

This is a head to toe product: Wash your hair, face, brush teeth, hand and body cleanser, and clean the tub after. It leave the skin clean and clear, without the slick residue of chemical cleaners and moisturizers. Dr Bronner's comes scented with essential oils or unscented - which will take your own personal additive. Dr Bronner's can be diluted at 8:1 product to water and still be effective for many task.

While I shop for local produce, I am web committed. I rarely find prices comparable in the local store, even with shipping and handling. If you have the time and attention to save money, here are my two favorite sites for condiments, personal care products and supplements. They both have deals and specials, along with changing prices.

My favorite Websites:

Lucky Vitamin
Best prices and extensive products. Fast shipping and low shipping charges - a flat rate.

Wonderful supplement and case food prices. Lots of brand choices.

Dr. Vita
Fabulous deals on health foods, supplements, and a great blog. Free shipping on $49 or more. On all orders!
They have the best prices on chia seeds, nuts, ginger and dried fruits. There is so much to explore. Shipping is a bit high, but stocking up or sharing will lower the expense.
Great deals on electronics. Many with free shipping. Trustworthy reviews, even if you buy elsewhere.
Cheap stuff. Most really great. Some iffy. Most of my purchases have been accessories - USB hubs, laptop covers, LED lights, USB plugs.
Great deals. Fast shipping. Compare for best prices.
Socks!!! Incredibly beautiful, creative, cute, fancy and functional socks.
FREE shipping!!!

The Sage
Find all your aromatherapy and cosmetic needs here - essential oils, butters, fixatives, containers and more. Free your mind and body from the processed concoctions marketed to the gullible. Make your own scents.

Dannon Natural Yogurt - Plain

While Chobani is my favorite and for a minute there I was all evangelistic about making yogurt, today I drain Dannon Natural yogurt to get my Greek style product. This only works if you find the yogurt with a single ingredient - cultured milk. Nothing more. FYI - this product is sometimes hard to find and while there are plenty of containers labeled plain, they contain pectin, food starches, milk proteins, gelatin and more.

Coconut Oil

I am also digging on coconut oil from head to toe. I use for my hair, face, and skin. And of course you can cook with it. I have a couple of varieties with little or no scent, though I wouldn't mind either way. Note that coconut oil is a solid until it reaches about 72 degrees. It makes a nice additive to lotions that are more water based and tend to wear off sooner.