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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Whiskey or Yarn

That is the question. In reality I must have both.

While rarely posting, I am still sorting my ideas around frugal living and having it all. All to me is good drink, plenty of yarn, and the time to relax and enjoy both. Thankfully, I have taken a job where I get paid while allowing enough free time to crochet. I have reasoned out that I can easily get three hours daily to work on my projects. Usually, I can have a complete hour at a time.

The issue, hence the title, is whether or not I can reasonably afford to have both good whiskey (or liqueur) and as much yarn as I need. I have quite a collection of yarn. It is just not enough for a large project and often I make one item then frog it (rip it rip it - apart) to make another. It's making the decision to buy all 20 plus skeins at once to make the scarf, dress, blanket, that boggles me. The error of waiting means ending up with mixed lots (and varying colors or textures).

I'm not waiting on the whiskey. Not! I will trade down a few dollars and for the month of January I drank the really good stuff - Elijah Craig, Makers Mark, Bulleit - instead of Ezra Brooks (at half the price). I have been gifted six bottles of the good stuff. This is it, until my birthday and the holidays. I have been frugal enough to make it last years. Or two, at least.

Back to the choice. It's not really an issue of finances, as much as deserving. Do I deserve to have as much yarn as I desire? Am I willing to pay to have what I deserve? How long will I put off getting what I believe I deserve? Where and how do I need to shift?

I am still working on those questions. Until then, here is how I made the decision:

I buy yarn regularly. I generally wait for a sale, but still have been unwilling to purchase as much as I want or need due to the above. Today I found a good deal. I can justify each item financially (as a great deal). I can justify the purchase by paying half with money earned and saved for stuff I want. The other half will be absorbed in my contentment and commitment to delay any further yarn purchases until March 2015. (This might be a useful Lent focus. I just started to panic.)

Oh happy day! Here's what I love:
Women's Peaked Hat - January challenge The Crochet Crowd
Gift for my son

Another peaked hat

Peaked hat

Slouchy hat
Peaked hat, some more. This became a favorite this month - January 2015

Squishy scarf - for my Z!