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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Turn of the Wheel

I crochet every day. Usually, I wait until evening and the girls are in bed, but lately, I have been behind the wire with projects to complete. I finished a corner to corner blanket for the now seven year old, added a slouchy hat and booties to the set. The baby had a blanket made for her, so I added a hat and booties as well.

That's a set of wrist warmers I am reworking. I have piles of projects that after I finished, I didn't like. So, I frog them (unravel) and create something new. That particular yarn is lavender scented cotton. A pleasure to work with and wear.

Over at All Acts of Love, I posted some hats I made. After that, I posted them for sale on Craigslist and then took them to a local flea market to sell. No hits from Craigslist. Just logged in at the flea market and only one hat sold so far. I have to collect all my wares Friday. I only bought a month rental. I sold five hats to a friend. I sent six and asked to be paid for the extra. Still waiting for the last payment... Next week I am heading west for my annual vacation and birthday celebration. I will carry what is left with me to sell there. I love the Ashby Flea Market and the booth rental is only $30 for the day.

I've been home since July 30. I officially left my job August 1st. Just eleven days shy of my two years and almost six weeks longer than I wanted to be there. Updating my Linked In profile I saw all the jobs I had listed. There are probably a dozen more I could add. I'm not sure what to do next. I have a lot of skills, but an extremely low tolerance for bullshit. And no, I fail at faking it. The moment I realize I need to go, I shape my plan. Every second I remain at a job past my pleasure is for the sole purpose of leaving. I do love going home.

I love it here! Love it.

I spend my days tending the girls. The elder is in first grade and the other runs rampant until I wrestle her down for a nap. When I can't understand her request, I say, "Show me." She says, "Run. Run. Run." and takes off. She's a wild one and I am exhausted too much of the time.

I have given up planning what's next, as in the big picture. I am open to the adventure. For November, I will begin my next novel, go on vacation, celebrate my birthday with a dear friend in Northern California (naked in a hot spring), hang out in San Francisco, and return home refreshed. Oh, and I have jury duty the week I return home.

I will turn 55 years old. There is no way I could have planned or imagined my life thus far. Things are pretty good. I am blessed and I share my being blessed with my family and friends.

You, be blessed, too.