Soul Massage

Universal Laws

Law of the Mind

The idea is the first and foremost part of actions. All that follows - health, success or wealth - is generated in the mind. All that has been created began in the mind. If we will to live differently, we must first see your lives anew. As we change our thoughts, we change our lives.

Law of Cause and Effect

Our beliefs, actions and reactions are the cause of every effect or condition that occurs in our lives. We must be thoughtful about what we say for we are held accountable for the reality our words create.

Law of Attraction

Like attracts like. We attract, through cause and effect, situations that mirror out thoughts. We attract everything that happens to us either consciously or unconsciously, so that we can see it and then act.We consciously draw forth the wisdom and ideas necessary for our growth , edification, and success. As we appreciate what we have, we open the flood gates to receive more.

Law of Prosperity

We must believe we deserve prosperity, see ourselves in prosperous situations and circumstances, recognize that the Universe desires that we prosper. We must believe in abundance for ourselves and others. The best way for us to get a hand up is to give a hand up. The Universe's resources are unlimited. There is more than enough for all of us.

Law of Circulation

Whatever we send out will be returned to us. This law creates the channels for prosperity to flow. It is the basis for giving and receiving. They are both about opening and releasing. We freely give to another to another, but we must remain open to complete the circle of abundance through receiving. And when we receive, we imagine we are giving again. Learning to be grateful for what we receive allows us to be open in that creative circle.