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Monday, September 26, 2011


I turned the shower to hot, sprinkled in eucalyptus and lavender bath salts, and then left it running while I went to the kitchen for my morning digestive. Adding a bit of cold, I stepped into the fragrant midst and swooned. Hot showers are a luxury for a grrl saving every cent. Call this my splurge, one of them. This morning’s shower was not only hot, but long as I bathed with thick creamy lather and allowed the water to trail over my body, just for fun. Normally, I use a castile soap or foams for speed and efficiency, but waking to forty-five degrees just calls for warm relaxation to start the day.

I have plenty of creature comforts that soothe my day even as I commit to living with less. I own and sleep under high thread count sheets, with fluffy soft microfiber blankets. I keep several pairs of furry slippers for my bare feet and fancy warm socks – in bright and brilliant colors – as well. Years ago, I found that buying a cotton terry robe two sizes bigger serves both as functional after a shower to dry and then warmth in which to lounge. As a matter of fact, some days my robe serves as the only necessary bit of clothing.

My love affair with yogurt has continued and as my passion increased I left behind the sugars, sweeteners, fruits, pectin, gums and other additives and have fully, openly and lovingly embraced plain Greek yogurt. It’s pricey and worth every dollar. Recently, my local grocer has stocked quart size containers of the actual best Greek yogurt in the world. Forget the advertisements and do your own taste test. 

Damiana Liqueur
I have my favorite teas (Yogi and celestial Seasoning) in abundance, an excellent espresso coffee (Café Bustelo), raw sugar, half and half, and local honey. I have an extensive stock of liqueurs that I will have to sample less often until I devise a plan for restocking. These are a few of my favorite things.

What I hope to share differently than I have found is living luxuriously on less. I welcome all the information and advice I find on saving, simplicity, and thrift. Extensive knowledge means a broad and firm foundation from which I am make decisions and live my life more freely.  I can always go back to doing what I’ve done before.  It works for a while, then not at all. I am open to something different this journey. Part of that means enjoying a few luxuries along the way. 

May you never hunger.
May you never thirst.

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  1. I would love to have someone cook for me in exchange for food to eat. Makes sense to me. Less cooking for me, a lower food cost for them.

    Bartering. Craigslist is one possible outlet.


    Food stamps?

    You could dumpster dive if you wanted to get really bold....

    Make some alcohol

    Sell soap or bath salts, whatever you make. Share it with the world.

    Use your tea bag twice instead of once if you're going to have 2 cups in one day (this works with some flavors but not others)

    Love, love, love you.


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