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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tell Me The Truth

I've been applying for jobs over the last month. Granted, it has been four years since I was last looking, but things have changed. Included in the application process are assessments, questionnaires, and surveys. Employers have developed or hired companies to design and implement instruments to probe the depths of our psyches as well as our social interest, manners and behaviors. Rephrased repeatedly were questions about honesty, lying and telling the truth.

I answer the questions:

Yes. I always tell the truth. (It really pisses people off, especially employers. They seem to want validation for their ideas and policies and expect an "attitude" adjustment - meaning compliance, with a smile.)

One. The number of friends I had at my last job. (I go to work to work. I made that friend intentionally. I made a conscious effort to get to know her and determined that she might be fun to spend time with socially.)

Yes. I am more honest than most people. I find people trust me because they know I tell the truth. If they don't want the truth, they don't ask me. On the other hand, we are accustomed to people smiling in our faces and then sneering behind our backs.

But wait, this isn't just at work. Some people are practiced in social niceties. Me, not so much. I had a delightful lunch with my family. It was absolutely fun and playful. When I had nothing to say, I kept quiet. When a topic of interest opened up, I jumped right in. I happen to have a different opinion than everyone else at the table. I didn't mind, but they seemed to find it unbelievable. Since this was just lunch we parted and drove our separate ways.

At work, those social discussions rarely remain relaxed and since after lunch we are heading back to our shared work stations, whatever issues/feelings arise tend to linger on. I have found it prudent to just avoid offering personal information. At my last job, they passed out a survey to new employees so we could self-disclose. It was less interesting than they hoped as my favorite car was "the one I am driving." Favorite book, The Alchemist. Favorite vacation place, Berkeley. The supervisor stood looking at me with her head tilted to the side.

As I get older I have less interest in pretense. I am polite. I am civil. I am nice. I expect to be hired because I am competent, responsible, dependable, creative, exciting and willing to learn, shift and grow. I have applied for various situations, most within my field of learning, experience, and understanding. I also chose new and different positions.

I like telling the truth. I find it hard to follow fallacy even in my head. Even my fantasies have the element of truth, as in, it could be. Interviewing is next. I have a great smile, a seductive voice and broad and varied experience. I am here and I am enough!

Let us pray.

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