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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Toward Being Happier, Healthier and Far More Interesting

We are reaching the half point in the year and while I stopped making my list of shifts and changes for the year, I have stayed on the task of addressing them. Per previous post, I have been working daily on clearing out the “extras” of my space. Just this week, I mailed a package to my eldest containing some items I bought for her, but also several samples I have gathered over the year, and a jar of my favorite body balm. I made it. I included a favorite exercise tank I am sure she will love. At least I hope so.
Until this week I have been enjoying the wines I already own and even choose a beer instead of shopping for replacements; until this week, that is. As I have been gardening and harvesting radishes daily, I needed to find recipes that would use my produce and decided to make radish pesto and pickled radishes. The pesto required I visit the grocer for a hard Italian cheese and bread on which to serve the spread. While heading to the check out, I noticed a clearance basket with SEVERAL wines. My heart skipped a beat! Initially, I selected a Riesling and walked away. It was a different brand than I drink, but the price was right. Then I noticed Montelle Winery selections on sale. Oh, my. While my favorite, a raspberry was not in the basket, there were peach and Himmelswein, which boast as crisp and racy with the aromas and taste of green apples and lemonade with hints of peaches and apricots in the background. I couldn’t pass up a try so I selected one for me, and one for each of my friends (that I share wine with – they need their own bottles.). I haven’t tried it yet as it is the beginning of the week and I am working to limit my drinking to more relaxed times.
I made the pesto and pickled radishes for work one night. I turned out very interestingly. It was hot, as in spicy and strong as in pungent, and very aromatic. Working at my desk smelled like I was in an Asian grocery. I used to ask what in the world they were eating. I have an idea now. This is not a recipe I would repeat without specific request. I have plenty left over to pass out to my family and ANYONE who comes to visit. I have been cooking more this month and settled on spinach pie. I have made it inside a crust which was fabulous but very high calorie. Then I used shredded potatoes for the crust and it both taste wonderful and saved hundreds of calories. And of course, I have been really into my yogurt at two daily.
My workouts at the gym have been slacking for any number of reasons, though usually it’s because I need to sleep. In the choice between anything and sleep, sleep wins. I am finally sleeping well and waking with some energy to function before I return to work. These days I spend most of my free time working in the yard and garden. We had rain for days and now cooler than normal temps. The warm weather slowed the radishes. The cool has revived them. But the rain has overjoyed the weeds and they have taken a toe-hold on my land (such as it is). Of course, on the weekends I run and play with my grand-daughter.
My new and good for this time is that I have been teaching yoga, first one on one and now another has joined. I appreciate the opportunity to share yoga with others and hope that my enthusiasm with encourage them to pursue further practice, either with me or in another class. I have offered to teach at a community center and await further information.
Work had been trying this entire month and I am thankful to have the next two Fridays off. Beside the time away, this gives me four day weeks which I find deeply relaxing and freeing. One of my favorite Friday evening activities is Comedy Night at the local club. I’m thinking about dinner out. Thinking about… I have become much more impressed with cooking and saving my cash for yogurt than anything I can imagine eating out, where I live. (I do enjoy eating out in the city.)
Finally, I haven’t started a second blog for this topic so here’s a blurb instead. I have committed to feeding my world. For years I have been distressed with the price of organic produce in my area, so I decided to plant as much of my space as I could and have to date included radishes, beets, potatoes, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash-summer, butternut, and zucchini, and peppers. I will post pictures of my plan and progress under a different post.
My life is good and I am grateful for all the opportunities afforded me and the support I receive. May you all be richly blessed this day and always.

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  1. I found an excellent peach wine at a local winery here. I gave my mom a bottle for mother's day. I've been tempted to "swing" by that winery but resisted. That's not the kind of thing that I do, but I also believe it's going to become the kind of thing I do. Namaste.


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