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Friday, June 29, 2012

Staying cool in the triple digits

Frozen Margarits
We are in a heat wave. Today we were at 105 and someone posted on FB yesterday that it was 108 degrees. I live without a/c for frugal reasons, etc. I water my plants early, if I am up or in the evening as the sun passes to the western sky.

In the meantime there I am, with my dog, toughing it out. I think we have done okay, so far.

  • I open the windows at night and use a fan to draw in the cooler air. Even at 75 we are better off that the 87 degrees I may be going to sleep with.
  • In the mornings I close the drapes against the heat. I have insulated drapes on most of the eastern windows and because I used to work at night, they are blocked against light as well. I almost opened them up to let the sunshine in. These days I appreciate the dark.
  • I drink plenty of water. I mean plenty, as in over a gallon a day. I have several 32 ounce bottles that I keep in the freezer. When I make my coffee I take the first one out and drink cool or room temperature water until it defrosts. 
  • I have a spray bottle with a blend of witch hazel, peppermint, and rosemary. You can choose any spritz you like. When I make it anew I add lavender and sage. They are light refreshing scents that can be sprayed all over your body.
  • I wear the most comfortable clothes available. My workout clothes are dry wicking and pull the sweat away from my body. I also like sarongs or loose dresses. I don't own shorts, but exposing skin so that the breeze hit the sweat will cool you down.
  • Create breezes. I have fans positioned around where I work or sleep. When I get really hot, I spritz and sit in front of the fan for immediate relief. 
  • Go outside. yes, I know it is hot. However, a short walk outside will offer perspective. When I come back in I can really tell the difference. 
  • Clean your skin. Oils and moisturizers are nice, but I think clean skin is cooler. If you feel you must apply a moisturizer, do so in the shower. Step into a wrap and let your body air dry. The product will remain doing its job while you finish preparations to dress.
  • And the best tip - take your time. If it is hot and you are dressing without a/c, a relaxed attitude is best. Any anxiety or stress will cause you to sweat, defeating the purpose of everything else.
I'm off. I bought a ticket to a party tonight. The weather channel says it is still 99 degrees. I'm not going naked, so let me find the least I can wear and still have fun.

Have a great weekend. I'll let you know how it goes.

How are you keeping cool?
That's Max. Chillin'.

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