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Monday, June 11, 2012

Stuff and Such

I returned home from a visit with my FOR (family of origin) with more stuff. The intention of the visit was to sell the items I have been posting on line - with no results, at a garage sale. I loaded my car to the brim and headed north. Besides what I was carrying back, there was still piles to carry forth.

It would be easy to say the garage sale was a bust, except I left bags of clothes, numerous coffee pots and other appliances, nick-knacks and do-dads at the local charity shops. The people who came to shop walked away with great bargains and I gave them extra for stopping. Two children came by to look. With block puzzles, brand new bracelets, a Mizzou cap and smiles they wandered home. The best visitors were children who had chosen garage sales over Six Flags. Their mom was delighted to let them select whatever they wanted. There was a little boy who was collecting jewelry. His mom smiled as he admired the heavy gold colored links. These moments made the hours in the hot sun worth it all.

We also cleaned my aunt's garage in order to set up and found that bottle of caramel liqueur. She loaned me the books, on the right, in the picture. I have a thing about selling books I haven't read. The books on the left are a set of five - A History of Women. The set covers ancient goddesses to cultural changes in the twentieth century. In the foreground are children's books for my grand-daughter.

I purposed to attend the sale for exactly four hours and after that time to pack up and do something else. In this process I have learned that whatever attachment I thought I had to items can be dissolved in the carrying of it a couple hundred miles repeatedly. I still brought home a few things of my own that didn't sell that I refuse to toss. They are good, useful items. I can't use them, but am willing to store them for visitors. I have a few clothing items I would rather gift to my local charity shop or post on freecycle. Then there is the stuff I brought home again. When the sun is shining, I will post a garage sale sign on my corner and offer the stuff for a dollar or two, one more time. Everything is worth more than that, one last hurrah.

Having, keeping, acquiring, and maintaining stuff is a balancing act. When I look around my house at the stuff I have I want to be amazed at my collection. I want each piece to bring me joy and delight. Whether books, clothing, accessories, or electronics. I want to know they serve a purpose. If they are just waiting to be shifted, let me move them along quickly.

Some of the lookers said they were stopping to see if there was something they just could not live without. Needless to say, they walked away empty handed. I am better at those decisions. Better, but not great. There is a house full of really cool stuff (FOR) that I obviously live without. Every now and then in the cleaning process I find a perfect do-hickey (or book) and I bring it home. Case in point, my juice extractor.  Free to me, it works great.

Still sorting and shifting...


  1. My love to find is This Bridge Called my Back: Radical Writing by Women of Color. It's no longer in print. I will not pay $80 for a copy.

    1. I love that book. I've just searched the bookshelves. I must have lost it in a break-up along with Tapping the Power Within by Iyanla Vanvant. That was her first, and I think most authentic, book.

      Here is a copy for $18:

  2. I love this: "I have learned that whatever attachment I thought I had to items can be dissolved in the carrying of it a couple hundred miles repeatedly."


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