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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

As Time Goes By

This view overlooks Napa Valley, California. My very best soul sister lover friend treated me to a stay at Harbin Hot Springs up in the mountains. It was a wonderfully powerful healing event. I felt the culmination of being blessed more deeply on this holiday than ever before.

It is good to close 2014. I have lived it fully. Didn't miss a beat. Felt into every moment. And if you have ever felt a moment, second by second, you know how long it was.

I've returned to work this month - December 8th. I am working 40 hours over the weekend. I still keep the girls Monday - Friday evenings. Their mother has picked up the holiday day shifts, so we have even more time to experience each other.

I am thankful for the four months I had at home. I'd like to say I spent those months cleaning and clearing my house, but mostly I played with the girls and crocheted. That's what I like to do. I look around at the mess and clutter and think, well, you have days to get to this. Nah, better not tire yourself out. I need my strength to chase the two year old and attend the constant chatter of the seven year old.

Honestly, we are going to sort something on New Years Day. I bought new books and crafts for the girls. We have to let go of the old to make space for the new. Maybe I will add painting the kitchen to my list of Promises to Myself. Or, I can just skip that lie. That paint has been waiting for years to hit the wall.

Tonight we got out the glitter and glue. I pulled down some journals I picked up earlier this year, and the girls decorated the covers of their 2015 Promises Journal. Since I see them daily during the week,  we can begin a habit of writing together.

This year was good to and for me. Even in the places where things didn't go as I would have planned, they worked out perfectly. What more can I ask for?

Be in Love...

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