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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Untold Blessings

I am in the midst of life changes again. Thankfully, I enjoyed over four months at home hanging out with my grand-daughters through the summer and fall.

We had fun inside and out, playing, gardening, crafting, and lots of videos. The seven year old has a smart phone and takes every opportunity to press record. There are plenty with my hand blocking my shaking head.

Over at my creative blog, I posted the crochet hats I collected in bags, piles and baskets. I bought another mannequin head and some glass globes to help them keep shape. I rented a booth at the local flea market and displayed them for sale, but in the end only net $2.50.

Before I left town on November 7th, I donated the bulk of what I had left. I carried a dozen or so pieces thinking I could sale them at the Berkeley Flea Market. That didn't work so well, either. I left those items with my friends and daughter in the city to pass on. I really didn't matter. I had already reaped abundantly beyond that which I sowed.

My friend bought my plane fare round trip. My son financed transportation to the airport. My daughter always provides a home for me in the city. (Priceless) My friend treated me to a trip to Napa Valley and up into the mountains for Harbin Hot Springs. Hours of luxuriating in therapeutic waters, a private room with access to a dedicated pool. A fabulous dinner.

If I an sold every hat I made for my asking price, I would not have covered the cost of my birthday celebration. And there is no price for love.

I'm 50! 5!

Keep giving. When you feel like you don't have enough, give more.

Only love...

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