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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Imagine. Visualize. Verbalize.

Today is the first day...

I've been dreaming of a new laptop for so long. Not just dreaming, pining, aching, longing. There are lots of things I think I just have to have. I am slow to purchase. I have so much. But the laptop fever seemed to have taken hold tightly. It was shaking me up.

I work the weekends, offering me hour upon hour to search for specs and deals. Believe it or not, last weekend I found a 15 inch Acer Aspire with 320 GB HD, 2 GB DDR3 L Memory and Intel Celeron Processor for under $200 - no tax or shipping and handling.

Oh, I fretted. Wow! and double WOW! What to do... I searched, researched, read reviews, looked for issues, delayed and considered, then I bought it. Yep.

One week later, I am typing this post, at work, on my new laptop. 

In my head, I think this will open up more online earning opportunities. I have the time and in the past have earned nicely doing surveys and focus groups.In reality I can watch movies on my laptop and use my tablet to read crochet patterns. I live to tie knots.

Whatever you believe, your desires become your reality. For what are beliefs but thoughts you continue to think.

Please check out my Lenten Reflection Blog. I am posting from The Book of Blessings. This week focuses on compassion and kindness.

If we desire something different, we must tell a new story. (Abraham Hicks)

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