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Monday, February 9, 2015

Reclaiming Time

We are all moving through life one step at a time. Some days we leap and run up the stairs; others are a challenging and grueling event. We deserve an award for even considering the effort.

Today, I would rather sleep. Just hunker under the covers and wait for the moment I am absolutely required to leave my peace and quiet. I've done it. Stayed in bed and waited. It was good; until, it wasn't.

The girls arrive and then no matter how I feel, I have to get a move on. I mean, "Bust a move!"

I was using that time in bed to reclaim my life, my energy, some bits that I lose by working 40 hours in a row. However, I was losing my Monday. That means that instead of having five days of my own, I donated another 16 hours to the making of my money.

This morning, hard as it was, I got up just past 9 AM. That still gave me nine hours in bed. It took until 11 AM to get out the door for the days errands. And two hours later as I sit warming my lunch, I am exhausted. I could easily crawl back into my bed. But no. In less than an hour, the first little one will arrive and I must be ON. Her movement requires nothing less. No half stepping.

For today, I reclaimed from my bed five hours I had thought to donate. Perhaps tonight I will get to sleep earlier. Perhaps, but not likely. The day is unwritten.

On a deeper note - I will be posting to Lenten Reflections 2015. While out I found a book I will use for direction and reflection. More later, there.

Bright blessings!

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