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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happier, Healthier and Far More Interesting

My New Year’s Resolution can be summed up as; I plan to show up in 2011 happier, healthier and far more interesting.  I have been working on my 100 Resolutions in the various areas of my life and quite successful in reaching them daily.  Of course, it’s only the fourth day, but life is a one day at a time process.  Thank goodness.
Every year I make new body products – bath salts and body balms.  I have some fantastic ideas for sharing my products this year.  I work in a hospital and these will be nice luxuries to offer my co-workers.  I like to give them in the spring, but what a lift in the dark of winter. 
My most dramatic shift has been due to a tooth abscess.  I have been on antibiotics for the last week and taking a proactive stance I began eating yogurt.  I haven’t taken many antibiotics in my life, but am clear that there can be an itching annoying side effect.  I have plenty of healthy methods of treatment, but what if this time we start out on the highest note; hence, yogurt.  Let me preference the search by adding that I also don’t care for fruit.  Since last week, I have had strawberry, strawberry cheese cake, chocolate mousse, orange and strawberry sherbet, strawberry sundae, and my favorite today, raspberry chocolate.  Imagine that, I have a favorite yogurt. 
The only problem I am running into is the yummy factor.  I planned to eat one container a day, but am up to three easily.  This has become an additional expense in the grocery category.  My plan is to trade yogurt for another discretionary expense.  I haven’t found one yet, but will be looking this week. 
Life is just full of silver linings.  We must be willing to look for them.  My toothache turned me on to a yummy healthy choice that I have been actively rejecting for years.  

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