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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Moving, Shifting and Changing

The nice thing about a hundred resolutions is that as you work through the formulation and refining process, so many more areas and ideas arise.  This week I am having a wonderful visit with Z and as we share our life stories, we are rediscovering dreams past and renewing interests.  We once planned to travel to India and we studied Mandarin Chinese.  With renewed excitement, we have decided to apply for passports, and pick up lessons again. 
I just heard John Tesh (only listening by accident) say that break-ups can be contagious.  Seems when one couple separates others begin to re-evaluate their relationships and the social stigma for breaking up is lessened.   Well, 2010 was the year for completing relationships.  I worked at ending mine before the New Year, only to have it done for me after the first.  This change has freed up lots of attention so I can process the plentiful distress in my life, feel my feelings and work on my hundred resolutions (none of which included this relationship, directly). 
I have a zillion issues to deal with in my very old house.  Beyond repairs, I have basic chores I neglect on a very regular basis, so that even as I sit quietly I see there is dust gathering around me.  I have serious dust.  Not the kind you can swiffer away, but that needs soap and water and an hour’s dedication.  I have limited hours for dusting, what with dishes, laundry and general kicking a path to get through.  Every now and then, I stop in the middle of whatever I’m doing and wash down my sit-abouts and wipe off a frame so I can refocus on the task before me.
So, this year I have reconnected with my Chi machine, actually a Healthy Swinger.  I really love the energy charge after just five minutes and have committed to getting up to twenty minutes a day, more days than not.  I use the machine for relaxation, balance, lymph cleansing, and spinal realignment.  Here’s a link so you can watch The Doctors discuss and enjoy the product. (  You can search and find lots of products on the market; even one in your budget range. 
I am on track with my workouts, wine drinking, blogging, reading, journaling, and otherwise relaxing.  Every day I commit to getting enough sleep.  As I have a difficult time staying asleep it is a continual process.  This week I have taken off two days to spend with my daughter, so I will have extra time to focus on sleeping.  Next week I took off a day for my son’s birthday.  More sleep for me.  It doesn’t work perfectly, but it helps.  For both the Fridays, we will have dinner; go to the Comedy Club, and then a bit of dancing.  I tend to feel the night and will be delighted to end early and crawl into my warm bed on these freezing nights. 
This year, with its myriad changes, has been a delight.  Those events which seemed to be breaking my heart in December have resolved into the time and space I needed to live more presently and show up more fully.  When I remember that last week I wonder if maybe I was in some wild hormonal swing that culminated with horrific outbursts and distraught feelings.  The earth cracked and the towers fell.  Out of chaos comes new beginnings and opportunities. 
I am divinely guided in all ways.


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