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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Carry-ins at work

Back in the day, I worked in an office where we had monthly “birthday” carry-in for lunch. When I first went to work the food was really delightful. People geared up for the process and brought their favorite and best dishes. As the years went on the event became more of a potluck. I imagine you think a potluck is about the same, but really the term means you get what you get, hence, potluck. That wasn’t all bad until the offers disintegrated into whatever folks found. Soon it was an unpleasant mystery to behold. I only wish I had taken pictures.

Below is a list created to describe the meal:

Mmmm…..let me plan the menu for you

Of course, Chinese rice in the original container

Squirrel meatballs

Grub worms and cream sauce

Foot scrapings and cheese

Cat eyes and spaghetti (could be mixed with #2)

Toilet water punch

A bag of chips (that you bring)

Couscous (that Maria brings)

Dry pound cake

Salmon squash torte

Brown squishy goo in a browner salty...

This is still the funniest of funnies to me and I don’t even need the list anymore to have a laugh. The list is very realistic. Eventually we didn't even plan on eating, just looking at what was presented for lunch.

Every now and then, I pull it up for review and hilarity. Enjoy, and do, Laugh Out Loud!

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