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Sunday, December 11, 2011


Sweet Gum Tree seed pods
Can you remember the last time you were easily amazed, delighted or amused? When was the last time something almost took you breath away and you just let it? Has there been a time when you enjoyed the moment without looking for explanation or seeking understanding? Do you have a "Wow!" moment that was real?

Every day little bits of magic open before us, call it grace or miracles, or a glimpse into reality. We wake to a bright sunrise cast over icy roads, or clear skies behind a storm. We witness the brilliant hues of the setting sun and the twinkle of the first star. This weekend's full moon shone bright in a clear sky, the air was crisp but not yet frigid so that we gazed easily on her presence. today, in the Midwest, the temperatures were moderate, meaning low fifties, so that venturing out was absolutely pleasant. Coming outside today was a big, "Wow!'

Then my granddaughter discovered the seed pods from the sweet gum tree. They have been on the ground for the last month and I usually keep them off the walkway as it is easy to stumble on them. She began shouting with excitement and gathered them as she pushed her car along the walk. By the time she was ready to put her car away, she had a "trunk" full. DA is still easily amused, amazed and delighted. "Gumballs" from the tree, bubbles, airplanes in the sky - each pulls and holds her attention and she shares her joy enthusiastically.

Somehow as we grow into conformity, we lose the ability to be delighted and when we are excited about some "simple" thing, we are bashful about sharing. Grimacing and grousing are acceptable, but happiness for its own sake, not so much. One winter I found the most exciting product. I was wandering online and determined it to be the most delightful gift to share. There were mixed reactions. Here's what I found:

Yep! It's still funny, and a wonderful product.

My children and I have moments that were so funny sometimes we call them out to laugh together again. There are great realizations that come to us. There are "ah-ha" moments that shift our paths, but there are also butterflies, hummingbirds, spiderwebs, wind chimes, friendly neighbors, laughing children, songs, poems, and prayers that are just amazing.

May our hearts be open to receive.

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