Soul Massage

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dearly Beloved,

I hereby promise -

to be more mindful, bringing my attention to the present moment and accepting the clarity therein.

to find joy in each moment, every task and situation

to be focused on Love and Compassion for myself and others and thereby

to let go of judgment and criticism freeing others of the burden of my opinion

to look for the interesting, delightful, and fascinating in my daily experiences

to speak in gratitude aloud and within

to share my joy of life even in times of distress and sadness and

to cry aloud, weep and wail, emptying my sorrow and clearing a path for the overflow of more joy...

So begins 2012 Promises to myself. I still enjoy the concept of making 100 promises and while it feels like a tall order, you are worth the time and energy investment to reach for your greatest joy. Promises are the opportunity to think well of ourselves in specific ways and they are always for your highest good, so what's not to keep. Today's promises address specific needs in my life and as I support my family (and myself) through the process of death and dying.

Each morning we awaken to new possibilities - embrace them in love.

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