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Friday, December 16, 2011

Soft warm gifts - Winter luxuries

Gifting is an incredibly big deal to me and  I take great care to select items that are new, different, and unique - at least to the person receiving them. What you see here are this year's finds. To the left are Socks to Stay Home In. They are delightfully soft and warm. And while you may be thinking they are not new, they will be to the guys receiving them. Last year I took a chance and purchased a couple of pairs for my son and a male friend. My friend was so delighted he asked where he could buy some for his father. Men are often neglected in the area of tactile luxuries. Sticking with dark colors, these socks can be worn at around the house and out and about. I had a massage therapist (male) show me the ones he snagged from his girlfriend. He was very proud to be wearing them while he worked.

The next item is a pair of Hot Sox Therapeutic Slippers. I found them months ago, but as the season progressed finally ordered them and am thankful they shipped and arrived for gifting this weekend. HotSox are made from plush fleece filled with temperature-sensitive linseeds on the top and bottom. Place them in the microwave for 60 - 90 seconds to relax and warm aching feet, or slip them on after they have been in the freezer to reduce swelling. I have made various pads from flax seeds and rice, but these were a great bargain and wearable.

That last unique item is KRU 82 Vodka. "Imported from Holland and bottled in a handsome, reusable, recyclable, and shatterproof stainless steel container, it offers up a clean taste with an unusually smooth finish, which is fitting for a vodka that comes with its own strap and carabiner." That's what the ads say. I bought it because of the container and liquor is one of the regular gifts we exchange, but it must be different. This is.

My daughter "jokes" that I only gift socks and lip balm. She is right. They are both needed items this time of year. Besides we already have more than enough stuff. We will miss our Z, but gather to share a meal we have argued about, drink lots of wine/coolers, exchange gifts (yes, socks; no lip balm - I made and gifted those already), sing and take pictures to laugh at later. No matter how the day evolves, we are blessed to share our lives now. Our love is not measured by what we receive on yet another holiday that co-signs our societal insecurities. Rather we celebrate the relationships we have built and sustained through time.

There is no separation. That is an illusion. We are each a part of the other - growing, shifting and changing together. And so we will always be - no matter what...

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