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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Drink Your Pee!

To your health!
I finally got to the really funny part of my novel in which the narrator is directed to drink her urine each morning as a preventative against amoebic infection (due to unfiltered/treated water) in Bali. I laughed out loud. The character is mortified. Pissdrinkers!

When I was still working at the hospital I suggested urine therapy as an alternative treatment for ailments. I was being facetious, but never cracked a smile. I presented the "facts" as I researched them and held that in many cases allopathic medicine had no cures and at best was managing symptoms. Of course, the doctors and nurses were applauded. Guess you have to be the one in need of healing.

Urine therapy is not new to me. As a child the teaching was that urine from newborns was good for the skin - specifically to keep one looking young. I heard so many sayings, I just tucked them into the back of my mind. Then when my son was born, my friend returned from the east coast where she was practicing colon hydrotherapy and urine therapy. Wake up in the morning and collect eight ounces of wee midstream and consume as beverage.

Now when I was researching for discussion I found dilution techniques that make a homeopathic preparation, but that seems quite different from the conviction that drinking your piss is good for you. Called the water of life, advocate maintain that urine is the cure for what ails you.

It seems the claims abound to this day. Cure cancer. Increase meditation. Promote tranquility. Heal skin ailments. Whiten teeth. Maybe we do have the cure but are too afraid (squeamish) to accept it. What ever your choice, here's to your health!


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  1. Well, I'm glad that this post (or its title) wasn't a diretive to us :)


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