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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Joy in the City

What I love about being in the city are the vast array of choices. We discovered a new store on the way to Whole Paycheck. I constantly ask my daughter how people manage to eat here if all their income goes to paying the rent. This is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. Rent for a two bedroom apartment can start as low as $1450. I have become inquisitive, asking anyone how they manage life here, in this city I love.
My daughter and grand-daughter are discussing the choice of oranges. There are so many varieties and prices. I know DA is not that particular, but the prices vary greatly and we are paying by the pound. This orange will be gone before the next store. I would rather pay a bit less where it is available.

 This is the outdoor display of cut flowers at Whole Paycheck. They are beautiful and smell delightful as you walk by. Inside, I see a sign that guarantees the flowers will last seven days. Much as I complain about the prices, we found some products that were less than the previous stores. This was our third stop for groceries. I wanted to make sure I got the best prices. Sadly, we purchased some impulse items that totaled at least ten dollars. On the other hand, we needed to replace some basic snacks and the prices are twice what we would pay at home. For example, I buy dried cherries at $3.49 per pound and paid $3.99 for eight ounces. Excessive pricing around almonds and I just skipped the raw cashews. It was frightening. I am thankful that I carried my chia seeds and coffee with me.
 A wonderful place to get side tracked. We left with the triple layered cheese cake and agreed to split one piece between the three of us. It was the bagels and cookies that crushed the budget. At least the bagels will be for my daughter's lunch.
This is a composed moment as we wait for the lights to change. My grand-daughter skipped and jumped and ran along the street. Thankfully, there was little foot traffic so keeping up with her was busy and exhausting, but less overwhelming than it would have been with lots of folks around. She sang and waved at everyone. She pointed to the building, the birds, the window displays. I feel like that too. I feel it when I am at home looking at the pictures and remembering my visit and knowing that it is still there. I feel the energy of life moving around me, churning, shifting, exploring. I am thrilled to be a part of the flow. She feels it without inhibition and it is all over her and inside too. She can't help but sing and dance and play.

It is 11 PM here and the neighbors just pounded on the ceiling/floor. They don't understand that she is charged up with life. It scared her enough to draw her to my side and now there is a yawn. She is subdued. Sleep will come soon. That is just fine, for tomorrow we will head out again. We are heading to Nob Hill and Grace Chapel, and Chinatown. We will explore the busyness of  the city and know even greater excitement.

Until then, blessed dreams to us all.


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