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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One Hundred Resolutions for the New Year - 2011

Be it hereby resolved...

Consider the areas of your life and focus on the energy you desire to manifest there.  Open to new possibilities and expect more opportunities.  Resolve to claim your highest good as never before.  Spare no thought, idea, or concept.  Instead, be bold, knowing that change begins in the mind.

While 100 seems like a tall order, there are some simple ways to address this joyous creation.  This is your life.  Examine the ways you hope to show up - to be, the things you would like to have, what you expect to do.  Be.  Do.  Have.  Now, imagine, dream, and believe.

To begin that task, make a quiet space, alone, where you can think, vision.  With pen and paper near by allow whatever ideas arise to flow through without censor.  They can be categorized later.  What would you do if money were no object?  How would you live if you had your way?  What would it look like to live your life, your way, now?

While resolutions tend to be about changing things, they can also be a statement of intention.  In this list of 100 considerations, some things will be about change, others about intention, still more about a shift in perspective.  Stay with the quiet, exhale to let go of the way things used to be, inhale new life, new ideas, new realities.  When you are ready to formulate the list anew consider these areas.  Feel free to add others as they a revealed to you for your life.  Remember, change is best sustained when as it is reflected in multiple areas of our lives.

  • Spiritual (connecting to The Source of Life)
  • Emotional well being (feeling fully that we might Be awake, alive and aware)
  • Physical (health and wellness)
  • Financial (saving, spending, budgeting)
  • Relationships (family, friends, neighbors)
  • Career (work or school)
  • Mental (stimulating the mind)
  • Daily self care (time alone to pursue self nurturing)
  • Community (donating time, talent, funds to support others)
  • Home (building, securing, remodeling)
One techniques for revealing what is most important to us is to take a category and spend just 60 seconds brainstorming desires in that area. Later, when we have brought forth our energy, we can begin to write the actual resolutions.

My example will be from the area of Daily self care:
In 2011, I commit to taking at least an hour every day to be with myself in some activity that reminds me to relax and breathe.  I will choose, from the following list, something to remind me of my state of joy.
I will workout more days than not.
I will get massage once a month.
I will get a pedicure once a month.
I will read for fun more days than not.
I will watch funny movies so I can laugh out loud.
I will light candles around the house.
I will wear soft slinky clothes.
I will visit with a friend in person.
I will hang out a little longer in the shower.
I will take a sauna.

I listed ten things I can choose from to tend my well being, so that daily self care and physical and emotional well-being are connected.  As we make the list of our lives, we will find that we can choose to be more aware and attentive to ourselves than ever before.

Why settle for living a small cramped life when the whole world is waiting for us?

Happy New Year.


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