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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The P word

Just so you know, somewhere in this note I am going to actually write out the P word.  It will not be a decent discussion without actually saying it.

Recently, I witnessed an argument in which one person was called the P word by her friends because she was reluctant to comply with their wishes.  She was hurt and angry, which eventually spoiled her entire evening.  Me, I have often wondered why that even matters - being called a pussy.  What have we attributed to the pussy that makes it undesirable?  Since we know pussy is in great demand, why would anyone choose to use its name in vain?

I know we hear it in the derogatory sense applied to men whose humanness is considered to be weak, easily fatigued, or cowardly.  We apply the term to men who defer to the opinions, ideas, or even desires of their women.  Basically, whenever people step out of line, we have a name.  Pussy is one of them.  Bitch is the other. (to be addressed in a different post.)

Consider the pussy - the female genitalia - the powerhouse and glory of woman and man.  The pussy given appropriate time and attention easily becomes the vessel, thorough-way, and passage for Divine energy converting matter into life.  While regarded as the pleasure port, women carry with them the receptacle that plugs man in to God.  That's why those prostitutes sat at the temple gates. 

So, how is that this wonderful, wet, miracle of magic, topic of joy and praise, by men and women, can still receive such disdain in a point of argument?  And why would one not stop the onslaught immediately with some retort of pride?  Pussies are strong and powerful. Capable of bringing and squeezing out life.  We all got here by the pussy route, certainly in the beginning, probably in the end. 

Its time we erase the shame associated with the pussy and openly proclaim our love and acceptance for all it offers to us as humans being.  To be awake, alive, aware, and fully conscious of who we are means to accept the glory in the slick, hot, wet wonder of pussy.

And if for some reason (time, tension, hormones) this description falls short, that's why there is lube.

Living in the lightness of life...

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