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Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Graveyard Can Wait

A Life of Contradictions

Ah, togetherness...

I love my children and miss the moments we once shared; the way they followed me about like ducklings. I dressed us all from the same bolt of fabric for easy identification in case of separation. Those were the days.

And not.

I was 100% responsible for what happened with and to them. Children require sight on supervision until they are able to understand and discern safety, and practice good judgements. (Which means to do as I would do in the same situation.) I had been growing them up from birth to leave the nest, before I had to boot them out. My leg was cocked, in case of reluctance/resistance.

Today, they are adults, and while I hear from them occasionally, I miss the connection of tumbles and wrestling in the early mornings. Our only Christmas tradition was mimosa in bed for breakfast. Even as adults, with their partners, we all crawled in bed to drink, "Love and Happiness." That's enough.

I am still in love with my life, and even in the face of challenges to my choices, I continue. I save wherever I can, knowing that there is something greater that I desire. Freedom.

I believe in aging gracefully and naturally (with the help of Miss Clairol, L'Oreal, Feria, and John Freida). I take care of my skin by drinking lots of water, getting plenty of rest, and applying natural edible oils. Every now and then, I apply commercial cosmetic products - for fun.

I am concerned about my intake. I eat healthy, cooking much of what I ingest and share from "scratch." However, potato chips have been perfected by a number of companies and I am going to buy them. Here is my attempt at making microwave crisps. It was an interesting experiment that need not be repeated.

I believe in moderation. That's personal. I hear that one drink is equivalent to one beer, one five-ounce glass of wine, or one shot of liquor. Says who? When I am sharing, those are fine standards. If you brought your own, we will adjust. I believe in the freedom to choose. And whether that is chocolate, potato chips or booze, I want my judgement intact. (Generally, one bag, bottle, or bar equals one serving - mine.)

I believe in listening to my body; however, I live by a schedule. My body likes to stay awake into the wee hours of the morning. My schedule requires that I wake by 0700. My body loves coffee, but can't rest if it has caffeine after 1000. My body loves to hunker, lounge, stretch, and slug. It requires movement to function effectively. So, I walk to work to ensure exercise. Use a Pilates machine to strengthen and stretch. Practice yoga, sometimes (though mostly in my mind these days).

I believe in giving myself a break. Ease and effort. That's what life is about. Finding the balance so that we can reach for and push the edge, then step back and recoup. The life of a Scorpio can at times feel like a race to jump over the next cliff, or a free fall and crashing into the valley.

I pay attention. That fall and subsequent injury meant slow down. Walking through the the pain means look where you are going. Society celebrates those who are running the rat race and scorns them when they fall from the pedestal. Grow up. Get and education. Work hard. Make money. Be "successful." Then die. There will be great stories told about our life to inspire others (to do the same).

For me, the graveyard can wait.

Be awesome. Do what you love. Find friends to share the adventure. Sing. Play. Dance. Write. Go outside and look up. Keep looking up. Breathe deeply. Live.

Thank you to all my readers!

I think to you often.


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