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Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Pumpkin Festival

Huge Pumpkins, Fields and Yards of Pumpkins, Bounce house, Fairy Dresses

What a day. I have just been way too busy to stop and post long ass opinions. I still have them and occasionally take the time to write. Just not post. Since I spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday with my grand-daughters, we are busy, busy, busy.

Today we went to the Pumpkin Festival. It seemed as if the entire town plowed and planted pumpkins. There were homes with pumpkins lining the yards, porches, and walkways. You could buy them from wagons, piles, stacks, or fields - where you pick them yourself. They were wooden, ceramic, glass, or gourds painted to look like pumpkins.

There were plenty of activities for the children and I am thankful to have found a very well organized bounce house. I offered DA the chance to ride a horse, but she passed until it was time to go. By then it was raining. I had hoped to post beautiful fall foliage; however, between the overcast skies and the dust kicked up from vehicles, the photos pale with reality. Still, there were moments...

Now that I am typing, I realize, I didn't see or smell any pumpkin pie, cookies or bread. The entire town smelled like a carnival - blooming onions, potato tornadoes, funnel cakes, cotton candy and more deep fried stuff.

Not that any of that was attractive, but we had granola bars and water. DA, like a hummingbird, was  attracted to sweet colorful drinks. We learned "see with our eyes, not with our hands." There were all kinds of pretties and bobbles to buy. They had more tulle dresses than I have ever seen. Beautiful! And very expensive - $25 each.

On the way home we stopped and bought five yards of tulle for $5.36 and two head bands at $1.99 each. I took a crochet hook and looped strips of tulle through the holes. At the dollar store we got new wings, blue hair, and a wand. Now DA is Tinkerbell, or a princess, or a ballerina, or a mermaid. We keep a collection of interchangeable items for each persona.

You never know who you might be until the moment comes.

This was a cool pumpkin...
Pumpkin chimineas - There is a fire burning inside

Happy Halloween!

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