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Saturday, August 13, 2011

In the morning

I’ve been awake since four a.m... No clue as to why. I stayed up late, well until nine the night before, meaning I had been awake twenty-six hours. One would think that sleep would have a vested interest in my time.  At that early hour, my focus is on getting back to sleep, to rest, perchance to dream. But, wait, there was something weird about my dreams that I couldn’t recall and was not anxious to return to - and this without the valerian. So, I was left to think, and dream, and plan – to open to my new life. 

Aahhh! That was a second of angst! Angst! Then it was gone. They come – nudgings of fear – then, they pass. I have little attention for freaking out and really, what’s the big concern? What’s the worst that could happen? My idea of the worst is that I will go back to work full-time at a job that meets my needs but fails my passion. Been there. Done that. Survived. Thrived. Moved on.  

Since sleep had journeyed on, I picked up One Door Away Form Heaven by Dean Koontz. He is one of my favorite storytellers as he manages to find a glimmer of hope and redemption is the most horrid situations and circumstances. He is clearly as quotable as any motivational speaker and I hear, in his words, both the challenge to live my life authentically and the support to shift, be resilient, live boldly, and move on. They say if you want to write, read. This is one to the four books that claim my attention these days.

As I move along this path I will begin a few new blogs - one for my yoga practice and teaching; another for living below one’s means – happily; and one on travel. I am resistant to adverts on this blog; however, I am excited to see if I can generate an income writing the others. I have read dozens of blogs in these areas. I hope to offer something new and different. If you have any ideas, please share. For now, I will fill in the parts I find missing in my search. I have plenty of time to comb the internet for information. Even the blogs I thought would be relevant to my situation and life have come up short. Mostly, they were started and then fizzled.  I’d like to pick up those pieces and carry them forth. I am thankful for all those maintaining a presence on the web in their respective areas.

The dishes are washed. I have enjoyed my morning coffee during our time together. I hear the washing machine stop, so I must hang the laundry on the line. The morning is cool and quiet. Imagine being in the woods, waking to cricket’s song, watching the first rays of this day, and breathing Now.  That’s my life and I love it. 

As I stand on the deck, I am even more grateful for this morning. I am thankful to have awoken early to greet the day, complete so many tasks and get ready to the adventure to come. My grand-daughter will arrive in half an hour. There’s still time to mop, for when she is here there is more joy in the morning.

Later we will travel to Amish country. I’ll take pictures. 

You, enjoy the day! It’s here, and then it’s gone. 


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