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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New and Good

One skill I learned for moving out of distress is to recount a “new and good” for the day. Yesterday, it occurred to me that I couldn’t find one. But could that be, that there was nothing new or good in my life that day? The particular part of the practice requires that one think continually until that which is new and good surfaces. The reality is that something new happens every day and all the time. We tend to keep our focus elsewhere and so miss out. When required to recall the situations, circumstances or events, we are amazed at the revelations.

In the last three days, I reconnected with a past love and shared a wonderful conversation over the phone. The memory I cherish most is sharing morning coffee on the deck and then the morning meditation.  Toward the end of our time we shared our healing mantras with each other, congratulated one another on the shifts and growths in our lives and promised to speak again soon.

After that call, I spoke with another friend and made arrangements to spend next Sunday morning together. She shared the joy of her new love and I listened, offering support and understanding. It is an exciting time when she travels my directions and I am blessed to have her in my home.

Finally, my Z will be home in October, my Shuli will be here in November for Thanksgiving, and perhaps I will see her when I travel west. I believe the relationships we build and share are the most important treasures we have. I am thankful for the re-membering of my loved ones in my heart/ mind.

While we were traveling north to visit Amish country, I was blessed to share in the bounty of those who live on and tend the land. Besides being a beautiful day for the journey, it was perfect for pictures and viewing fabulous gardens. Obviously, it is my personal (gardening) skill that is at issue and not the weather. Their gardens and farms flourished in the face of what was. No more excuses. 

The weather has been remarkable cool these last few days. That has made working inside and out considerably more comfortable. I focused on cleaning the upstairs space and preparing it t be shared again. There are still lots of repairs to be made, but much was accomplished. 

Laying in the silence, I found that I had opened to some new ideas around relationship, love, and connection. I noticed a softening of my heart in a place I had not recognized was closed. I also realized that I have yet to vision an ideal relationship and seemed content with whatever had come along. Really?  Really. Free of judgment, I accepted my responsibility as the cause of the events in my life – some more.

Today’s new and good begins at work (at the end of my shift). “They” have decided to give raises. The last time (three years ago) I received a phone call to ask certain people to stay after their shift to get their raise letters. I was not included and when I asked specifically, there was no response. This year I just went about my business, noticing the event but not invested in the process or seeking inclusion. As I walked toward the time clock, I was called into the office and given my letter. I offered my thanks and continued on. I am grateful for the increase in my salary. It supports my goal of eliminating debt and saving for living my life, my way. It’s a nice enough letter to offer as a recommendation, if needed. As I rode down the elevator I recommitted to turning in my resignation, and even considered adjusting the notice date to an earlier moon; then I decided not.

I am home, awake with my DA. She is sniffly, snotty, clogged, and needs a bit of extra attention. Working nights has been a blessing for us as a family. I am thankful to be available to share time, space and energy so that DA is cared for and her mom can maintain her work schedule. My family is important to me and I have designed my life to make them a priority. While this is not new, every day, it is good.

News and goods are different from counting your blessings, though both are valuable tools to bring us back to reality. News and goods can be blessings. As we focus on each days blessings, we avoid falling into a rote pattern of calling the same blessings daily. As a child, I heard the sisters in the church stand and say, “Giving honor to God and His Holy Son, Jesus Christ. I am thankful for my life, health and strength. I’m thankful that God let me live to see another day. …” Each testimony began the same, rattled off as a mantra.  I, in no way, deny the truth of the statements, but rather challenge that if we hope to find a more genuine sense of gratitude, we will have to come to the present moment and look at what God has done for us today. (More on mantras and affirmations later.)

Each sunrise brightens a new day. Each moon welcomes new dreams. 

What’s new and good in your life today?

Yours on the journey,


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  1. I love ur good and new. I sometimes ask ppl their high and low of the day but rarely get thoughtful answers. It was something a family did in a movie I watched years ago, The Story of Us, that stuck with me. Beautiful.

    I don't think I ever acknowledged my call from you. It made my heart sing. I look forward to the morning when we can sit and talk.


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