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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Live as if every moment counts

Live as if every moment counts.
Sing as if joy flows from your heart.
Dance as if everyone is watching - entranced.
Love knowing that wounds heal.
Work as a choice. You really don’t need the money.

Money can’t buy love, happiness, or health. And while money can buy food, you can’t eat it – money, that is. And, you can get food other ways.

Last night I took a few chances with the “I will not always be with you” proposition. In general, I feel as if what I do at work is dismissed by the licensed staff. I serve as support staff, helping with all manner of computer entry and clarification of the medical order process. My goal, in any job, is to teach the personnel to manage for themselves. For those who prefer to have gofers there is great resistance. The reality is that some tasks they can to for themselves with greater efficiency than I can do for them. In this most recent teaching the nurse stated that she would probably forget and need me to teach her again in two months. “No, this is your learning and your time. I will not be here in two months.”

There. I said it. I’ve been hinting at it, sometimes daily. There are still eleven weeks, but I am putting some ownership to the process, feeling what comes up next. There were other moments when I share what my dream is, how I want to show up. Few understand, as some staff, licensed and not, work six twelve hour days in a roll. “They need the money.” When we see someone out of their scheduled routine, they will proclaim the joy (or attachment) to overtime.

As I left the building, I stopped to buy a sherbet treat for DA and I. I had given it up for both the cost (though minimal until you have one daily) and the calories (because I eat the WHOLE thing). The cashier asked the customer before me why she was in the building this morning. She replied, “Overtime. I need the money. Who doesn’t?” I raised my hand, “Not me.”

I recognize that we barter for housing, utilities, and food with money. My point is that all that money will not serve us if we are too tired, exhausted, sick, worn out, or busy to truly enjoy our lives. Or if what we do to earn that overtime leaves us feeling generally disagreeable. It is not for me to say what brings another joy, merely to light a beacon for those who hold the hope of living authentically and being free.

Live the days of your life.

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