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Saturday, October 15, 2011

100 days - And Speaking of Default

I have a plan, always have had. The problem is, as the time draws nearer continuing the process feels worse; and some days I want the decision to be made for me. Well, not the decision to leave but the specifics of when. I have envisioned a couple of scenarios that I think would serve me - especially the vaccination mandate.

Now after all my to-do about showing up and saying what I mean and doing what I say I'm going to do, here I am waiting for the would-be ax to fall. Then low and behold I get to work and read  they have extended the deadline until December 2nd (from October 17th). There has been massive dissent and I imagine if a significant number of employees refusing or even delaying their flu shots could shut down the facility. So, they changed the time frame, maintaining the threat of suspension.

Employees are outraged. This,  over the flu vaccine. How is it we cannot organize around better working conditions and wages? We could collapse the class society, end inequities. That means a whole lot of people would have to be willing to feel uncomfortable and we are not a society interested in stepping outside of our zones of perceived comfort and security. We like our peek into the world of the disenfranchised isolated between the months of November and December. Even then we are not willing to take an introspective look at the waste and consumerism that plagues all of us, so that we are unable to save ourselves and only throw pittances at “the others.”

So here, I am called to step up, which means I get to print and submit my letter of resignation. I can’t wait around for them to fire me (for refusing the flu vaccine). And while I would like to act a donkey and give a serious accounting of my experience over the last three point four years, I am not that invested. I want a clean break and the freedom to move on. That means owning my decision and living my choice.

The countdown’s getting closer every day. Thank goodness!

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