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Saturday, October 22, 2011

More or Less

This is my desk, or was my desk this morning. Today it became a scary  place to dwell. In the past I had become quite accustomed to being in this mass clutter and managed to find what I needed with minimal distress. There were moments when I had to commit to digging about, but they were preferred to figuring out a filing system and then remembering what it was. So, I just kept everything in easy to see piles. But this morning I sat down with my cup of coffee - visible near the mouse - and there was a pile slide. A worse disaster would have been all those papers on the floor. Thus began the clearing.

The hardest part was the mass of recycled paper I keep. Well, recycled everything. As I have such a bounty, I decided to actually recycle the scraps I have saved. I have lots of nice note books and pads, along with journals and sticky notes. I use pen and paper for notes, ideas, quotes, thoughts, and "figuring." Also, with my recent phone crash I lost all my data - meaning, ideas, thoughts, story lines, numbers, passwords, etc - that were stored in what seemed to be a wonderful app. November is National Novel Writing Month and I am committed to 50,000 words in 30 days. My ideas lost, I must think again. This time on paper.

While clearing all that stuff was intense, it was quite fun as well. I found photos tossed in the piles and left there for the last few years. I enjoyed rereading birthday and holiday cards, saved quotes (before app and smartphones), and photos sent from friends. Most of my photos are digital; holding prints becomes nostalgic giving a sense of depth to the memories.

In the process, I gathered a bundle of pencils and pens I will leave at work, color pencils, markers and crayons for my grand-daughter, and a collection I will reserve for myself (and actually store in the drawer). There's still quite a bit to wade through, but keeping the desk clear will be my new priority. Perhaps with all this open space more ideas will begin to flow.

Less. Way Less.


  1. inspired. now i go to commit 20 minutes of work in my room before bed.

  2. Tricie,

    I hope that 20 minutes was fruitful. I find I am impressed each time I see my desk these days. And, I found a fabulous CD I had been missing as I put things in their places. What other treasures are waiting to be rediscovered?

  3. I found $45 during my 20 minutes yesterday :)


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