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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The process of change
In the past six months I have been taking a hard look at the amount of stuff I have in my space. I have recycled, reduced and reused much of what I have and still it is way too much. I had the garage sale, gave away bags, piles, and stacks. I posted some things on line and one even sold. Still, there is way too much. Finally, I will have to just donate the final bits and be done. There is no profit from hoarding just any old thing. I have too much.

On the other hand, I have a lot, more than enough. So much so, if you came to visit me and had a need, I could easily, willingly and openly offer to share with you. This is how I have always seen my life – that I would be a storehouse of information and necessities. Today, I do not believe I can offer that kind of generosity if I am focused on having only the minimum. Giving you my last shirt leaves me naked and seeking clothes.

Today the sales come out and will last through next Tuesday. There are several items which I don’t actually need myself, but are a fabulous buy at the sale price and I have a great coupon, making an even better deal. So between now and then I will head out to purchase those items. We are called to feed the hungry and clothe the naked. I plan to have the means to do so. 

I am a great shopper. That’s how I ended up with so much. I didn’t buy most of it, but learning to find a deal has served me well in the past. I am just in from the grocer to have found my coffee price increased sixty cents. In the past I would have bought four cans each month. I have a thing about running out. I also have a thing about paying way more money than I prefer. However, in this last hundred days I have been paring down, delaying shopping, using what I have. That style of shopping is likely to cost me in the long run. One might think that things even out in the end, but sometimes they don’t. If prices keep going up, I would prefer to have enough to last until I find a really good sale or a new supply. Not only coffee, but any items I am attached to having.

We’ve got to think things through for ourselves. We have to really decide if we are interested in living with less because we want to, believe we have to, or because we find it serves our lives to do so. What do I want to be when I grow up? I want to be happy. I plan to be happy. Being happy for me includes having my favoritist things around. I like lots of teas, espresso coffee, half and half, raw sugar, wine, chocolate, scotch, books, paper, pens, yarn, fabric, fuzzy blankets, my computer, smartphone, camera, earrings, and particular glasses from which to drink specific libations. 

I’m home now. Surrounded by my stuff. I feel welcome, relaxed, and at peace. When you come to visit, no matter how long your journey, we will kick a space clear for you and pour a cup of tea or glass of wine. You, too, may indulge in the abundance of my stuff. There is enough of everything for everyone – including you.

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  1. I once read that sales have a rotation pattern. If you check the price of your coffee at your store every day for 2-3 months, you will see when it goes on sale. I have never been zealous enough to see if this holds true.


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