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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Family Fun Fest

It's hot again. Back up to 106 degrees. After daycare, I showered DA, fed her a yogurt and juice and we headed back out. Even at 6 PM we were still sweltering in the triple digits. I might have passed on the evening out, but my friend drove in to dance and how can I miss that?
It was an evening of cultural experiences. The gypsy dancers performed to their band. There were booths which were probably RenFest folks. I thought they were pagan from the distance, but closer decided, maybe not. The library brought the mobile bookshelf and invited kids inside - where it was cool. They offered plastic bags and trinkets. I was drawn to peek, but since I neither need nor want more stuff, I passed. DA wasn't attracted. Thank goodness. The radio station offered wooden rulers. Really?

There was a magician show, face painting, and animal balloons. The volleyball team was sitting around talking to themselves and a group brought lots of hula hoops. You would think someone, some group, would have brought WATER. We had police and a fire truck. Control and rescue? Maybe presence and education. We watched and wandered, eventually leaving the festivities for the spray park.

The cooling station was heavily populated with young people from nine months to five years old and broken! The pump was out (we surmised) as there was just a pool of water in the middle. The children were like little duckling splashing in a puddle. For those who knew the difference it was a source of angst. Adults and older children asked questions, twisted the knob that is supposed to turn on the fountains and complained. The youngest just got wet. (A lesson in being with what is.) Just before 7, we festivities for the closing dance and to say good-bye.

DA and the fan dance
As the evening wore on the crowd thickened. This group took the "stage" next and we saw more costumed dancers waiting at the side. It would have been nice to hang out for the rest of the show. Between the heat and the lateness of the evening we headed home. Leaving we watched the next dance begin.

This morning we had a slight rain. Someone said the temperatures fell to 72. It was 79 when I checked and the forecast is another triple digit day.


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