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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tweet and aTwitter

I've got a peaceful easy feeling.
I am blessed. My life is full.

Before we step out in any endeavor, we must affirm the truth, establish a foundation.

There could be so many things on my plate, but I have left it empty until I have some knowing of what may unfold. That is still living in faith as I recognize that I am and will be in the right place at the right time. Some days I have to work on that belief. Some times I wonder. Still I move on.

Most of the topic belongs elsewhere. No matter. Let's integrate life. Deny any separation.

I applied for a half dozen more jobs. Found a couple with inside connections hoping that I could at least get an interview. On the one hand I think I might take any job to get some income. My deeper knowing will not. I had a phone interview Thursday for a phone job. As I listened to the description I realized I probably would rather pass.

"Little competitions to make things interesting. Contests to break up the boredom." Sound like pressure to perform to me. She said she would contact the temp agency with her decision. You do that. That was Wednesday. No call Thursday for a job that started Friday. Sounded good.

Friday afternoon the temp agency did call. I have a call back for the previous job I worked. This is good news. Even though I have other applications floating around that I am entertaining, this job is within walking distance, evenings, and I set my own schedule. It is still temp work, but carries through November. Talk about YAY! Well, YAY!

Today's mail brought a letter from the bank. Since there is no reason for me to fret (I am thankful to say) I waited until I had my coffee in hand. In preparation let me say that I have been home for the last eight months living on savings I expected to hold for six months. I went to work for one month (May) and pick up a four hours a week occasionally since May.

Bank error in your favor!!! NOT! (I just had to say it.) My interest rate has been lowered. I will be saving ten percent a month! Who says tithing doesn't pay? You can't beat God giving. No matter how you try. (This is what I would tweet, if I could twitter.)

Life is good, all the time...

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  1. No matter what...embrace the life we have and sounds like you're doing pretty well at that! Join some tweets please.....i'd love to tweet back and forth...just @ me @taylordates enjoy the day!


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