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Friday, July 6, 2012

Hot Time in the City.

The high today was who knows. It was scheduled to be 104, but at this writing the temps at 105. It is 7:32 PM. I spent the day working in a garage organizing, sorting, cleaning, recycling, pitching and setting things out for a garage sale. This is dated office material I am clearing, rather than personal stuff. We are recycling/shredding anything more than ten years old. There is easily 100 pounds of confidential paperwork that was unpacked and left to be tended. It was hot!

I was excited to be so productive; we made grand progress in cleaning and clearing. It's a whole new world. Only a few people stopped to visit the sale. I remained delighted for each one and at the complaint about the heat, I reminded them that this was like a sauna. A free sauna. All you have to do is sit back and sweat. We sold a few items, but the reward was a job well done.

This week I have DA (my grand-daughter) evenings. She wanted to go swimming. She cannot swim. Her Jojo (uncle) has a pool at his apartment, but he's working this evening. So, we went to the cooling station. There are a few of them around the city. Even though she lamented not stopping at the city pool, she had a great time, as you can see.

They're calling for rain in three or four days. Until then, we'll keep looking for ways to beat the heat.

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