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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Having My Way

That's my four year old grand-daughter insisting she can go up the escalator unassisted.

"I can do it myself."

The museum was slow enough that I was willing to stand back and watch (capturing the moment). She made it. This time. Other times things went differently.

We all want the chance to prove ourselves to ourselves and everyone else.

This four year old gets to make lots of decisions about her day. What she wears, eats, drinks. Which books to read. Which toy to play with. Still she is four, and as such needs guidance from one who can keep her safe and support her movement through the day. Sometimes, there is conflict.

Conflict, angst, and distress began my day...

Hair. Socks. Shoes. Tears...

And away we go! They promise a heat index into 108 degrees. While DA is at school, I am going to chill out. When she gets back home, we will do it her way.

As I let go, life gets easier.


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Today, may you find a pleasant surprise.